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The Outer Hebrides offers a full range of events and activities throughout the year. Whether your idea of the perfect holiday is to absorb the peaceful tranquillity and natural beauty of the Island countryside; or indulge in rock climbing, cruising on the open water or high adrenalin sports.

Day Trip to St Kilda

Sea Harris

Sea Harris invite you to experience the breathtaking beauty & serenity of some the most fascinating Islands in the Outer Hebrides. Operating from Leverburgh in the Isle of Harris, Sea Harris provide the fastest, greenest and most comfortable day trip to St Kilda from the Hebrides on their brand new, best in class vessel: the Enchanted Isle. From June 2017 they will also offer shorter trips in an 11m fully enclosed Stormforce RIB.

Private charter excursions can be arranged to St Kilda, Shiants, Pabbay, Ensay, Killegray, Taransay, Scarp, the Monarch Isles, Flannan islands, North Rona and many other magnificent islands in the Outer Hebrides. These trips can be tailored to meet your individual requirements.

For more details please visit www.seaharris.co.uk


Kilda Cruises

Based on the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, Kilda Cruises provides a fast and comfortable day trip service with St Kilda as their main destination and other outlying islands by request. Whatever you would like your day trip to consist of, perhaps to take in some sea angling or to allow you to explore remote stretches of coastline at leisure, Kilda Cruises are happy to cater to your group needs from family celebrations and corporate entertaining to societies and club outings. Kilda cruises also offer trip to other Hebridean islands throughout the year by request. Destinations include: Shiant Isles, Flannan Isles, Rona and Monach Isles.

For more details please visit www.kildacruises.co.uk


The Outer Hebrides is a game angler’s dream location and one that will fill you with all the emotions and all the pleasures associated with this wonderful and rewarding sport. Whether you are a solitary angler, form part of a larger group or are simply looking for a tranquil family vacation, the Outer Hebrides has it all – namely, some of the best summer salmon and trout fishing in Europe amidst spectacular scenery.

Amhuinnsuidhe Castle

Harris is probably better known for the lochs and rivers of the Amhuinnsuidhe Castle Estate, formerly the North Harris Estate and commonly known in angling circles as Amhuinnsuidhe. The quality of the sea trout and salmon fishing in Amhuinnsuidhe has an enviable reputation and caters for the more experienced fisherman as well as the novice, for whom instruction and guidance are readily available. There are seven freshwater systems, Lochs Voshimid, Scourst, Halladale, Ulladale, Ladies, Brunabhal and Loch A’Ghlinne.

For more information, contact Mr Innes Morrison, Estate Manager, at Amhuinnsuidhe Castle:
Tel: +44 (0) 1859560200
Fax: +44 (0) 1859560263
Email: info@amhuinnsuidhe.com

Borve Lodge Estate

The Borve Lodge Estate fisheries lie amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in the Outer Hebrides. The streams flow through rugged mountainous terrain and journey just a few kilometers down to the west coast and the famous white sandy beaches. Most of these streams provide excellent spawning for salmon and sea-trout and they flow in and out of numerous small lochs that provide the venues for targeting the returning adult fish.

The Estate’s main sea-trout and salmon fishery is centred on the two lower lochs on the Laxdale River. Located at the head of Luskentyre Estuary, Loch Fincastle is approx. 3ha., it is only just above sea-level and is only separated from the sea at high tides by the dam wall. Loch Fincastle provides the cream of the sport in the early season. With fresh run sea-trout and grilse normally arriving late June/early July. Loch Fincastle has two boats, and being small and shallow it is easy to cover and to become familiar with the best lies. Loch Fincastle and the nearby sea-pools are also very fishable from the bank.

For more information, contact Mr Gordon Cumming, Estate Manager, at Borve Lodge Estate
Tel: +44 (0) 1859550358

Laxdale Lochs

The Laxadale Lochs lie in the village of Urgha, a picturesque little village just to the east of Tarbert in the Isle of Harris.

The fishery consists of two lochs which are very quick to rise due to the water catchment, and slow to fall allowing any fish lying in the estuary a free passage in to the lochs. The fishery is easily accessible as it lies by the roadside. Even though this small but productive fishery is by the roadside anglers have the experience of feeling as if they are miles from the hustle and bustle of town and city life. It is surrounded by beautiful and spectacular scenery typical of Harris.

Salmon of 15lb and over are caught most seasons, sea trout run up to 4lb with the potential of heavier and
brown trout of 6lb and over can be expected.

Isle of Harris Golf Club

Scarista, on the west coast of the magical Island of Harris and only 20 minutes from Tarbert, is surely one of the world’s finest settings for the game of golf. To the west, the Atlantic breakers thunder onto sparkling white sands. To the north lie the spectacular mountains of North Harris. To the south, the hills of the Uists lie beyond Toe Head peninsula.


Hebridean Celtic Festival

This unique event is set against one of the most atmospheric backdrops, the Scottish Hebridean island of Lewis with its distinctive Gaelic culture and heritage.

What makes this event special is simply the music, which encompasses Celtic cultures tinged with contemporary traditional, rock, indie-folk and world influences. The setting in Stornoway’s Lews Castle grounds which offers access to the wider natural beauty and archaeological treasures the area has to offer. And the island community who reach out and offer a welcoming hand to all to make this one of the most special experiences.

HebCelt 2018 – 18 to 21 July



Harris has a large and varied wildlife population. Several wildlife types that are rare elsewhere are remarkably common on Harris.

For example Golden Eagles nest at a higher density here than almost anywhere else in Europe.

The otter populates the whole of Harris, as do Polecats.

The Common Seal (in fact now very uncommon) is resident here, whilst the Grey or Atlantic Seal, rare elsewhere, is common in Harris.

In addition to several types of Dolphin and Porpoise, Whales are back. Of the Baleen Whales, there are Minke, Fin and Sei Whales. The great Humpback Whale is believed to be back in our waters.

Other Whales to be seen include the toothed Pilot and the Killer Whales.


With a population of around 500, Tarbert is the capital of Harris. The village only dates back to 1779 when it was established as a fishing settlement. Gradually it took over from Rodel which had always been the historical capital of Harris.

Here you will find a branch of the Bank of Scotland, two grocery stores, post office, tourist information centre, hairdressers, and a filling station. One of the island’s Asian families runs a shop in the main street which sells clothes, shoes, gifts, toiletries, household goods and just about everything you can think of.

Mobile shops selling bakery products, fish and groceries tour the island and make regular stops in Tarbert. A mobile Royal Bank of Scotland also visits the village and other parts of Harris.

Luskentyre Harris Tweed

A holiday in the Isle of Harris isn’t quite complete without visiting Luskentyre Harris Tweed where weaver Donald John Mackay is based. Donald John Mackay first started weaving with his father at the age of 12 and has been doing so ever since. In 1991 he and his wife Maureen set up Luskentyre Harris Tweed Company from their home and provide worthwhile demonstrations of weaving tweed the traditional way. Also, when you see the Harris Tweed logo you know that you are getting a unique tweed made only in the Outer Hebrides.

You can email Donald John Mackay: enquiries@luskentyreharristweed.co.uk
Alternatively you can phone to arrange an appointment : 01859550261
Maureen and Donald John Mackay
Luskentyre Harris Tweed Company
6 Luskentyre
Isle of Harris
Outer Hebrides

An Seallam Genealogy Centre

The Genealogy Centre at Northton run by Bill Lawson and Chris Lawson. Bill has been specializing in the Family and Social History in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland for over 40 years and is widely recognized as a world authority in this area.

St Clements Church, Rodel

St Clements Church at Rodel became the main church of the Clan Macleod in the early 1500’s, when the 8th Chief of the Clan rebuilt the church on a much older religious site. In 1528 he built a tomb for himself which is one of the finest preserved in Scotland today. In the church also are the tombs of William the 9th Chief of the Clan Macleod of Harris and Dunvegan.

Amhuinnsuidhe Castle

This magnificent building is situated by the B887 in North Harris overlooking a river cascading into the sea over a rock slide. In August this is a frequent spot to see salmon leaping. The castle was built in the 1860’s for Lord and Lady Dunmore who owned most of North Harris.

Bunabhainneader Whaling Station

This whaling station was set up in 1904 and was used intermittently up to the 1950’s. It was built and used by Norwegians (who ironically now own one of the biggest Salmon fish-farming companies in Harris). Most of the whales were caught around the islands of St Kilda, Rockall and the Flannan Isles.

An Cliseam

At 799 metres (2,621 ft) An Cliseam (the Clisham) is the highest mountain in the Outer Hebrides and the archipelago’s only Corbett.

Walking Highlands – Clisham direct route

Callanish Stones

The Callanish Stones are an arrangement of standing stones placed in a cruciform pattern with a central stone circle.  They were erected in the late Neolithic era, and were a focus for ritual activity during the Bronze Age. They are near the village of Callanish (50mins from Tarbert) on the west coast of Lewis.


Hotel Hebrides to:

Callanish Stones – 55 minutes

Luskentyre Beach – 25 minutes

Leverburgh (to catch the ferry to Uists) – 40 minutes

Stornoway – 55 minutes

Tarbert Ferry Terminal – 1 minute

An Clisham – 10 minutes


The Island of Harris is easily accessible by both ferry and airplane. Within 1 hour you can be somewhere beautifully different.

Car / Ferry

From the south, the usual approach is via the A82 / A87 to Uig on the Isle of Skye, via Kyle of Lochalsh, the Skye Bridge and Portree.

The Skye to Harris ferry, departing from Uig, takes 1 hour 40 minutes. Hotel Hebrides is situated at Tarbert pier.

You can also travel on the Ullapool to Stornowayferry by following the A9 / A835 north of Inverness. Hotel Hebrides is only 45 minutes by car from the terminal building.

Plane / Car Hire

There are regular flights to Stornoway from Glasgow (50 minutes), Inverness (35 minutes) and Edinburgh (1 hour). Car Hire is available from Stornoway Airport.

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